Gas: Get ready, this is the next thing the Republicans might attack Obama about.

Tell UW Medicine to invest in healthcare workers!
Healthcare workers at Harborview and UW Medical Center-Northwest care for you. Now it’s time for UW Medicine to care for us.

Oil: Iran cuts oil shipments to Britain and France.

Mortgages: Big-money investors are getting excited by predictions of profit and returning to the same complex loan pools that caused the financial crisis.

Kidneys: Thirty donors give their kidneys to 30 strangers. Check out the NYT's cool interactive timeline.

Dead prisoners: More details on riot that left 20 dead in a northern Mexican prison early Sunday.

Bahrain: Should the Formula One be held there? At issue is its history of human rights abuses.

Facebook Phone: Loses against the Amazon Phone. In a survey.

Is the Seattle Arena plan all that? The Seattle Times investigates.

Support The Stranger

$334 million: UW donations hit a record.

And, here's Lana Del Ray with Video Games. Marketing gimmick or real talent?