...seems to have a taste for relationships with significant power imbalances. Illegal immigrants he can deport, 17-year-old students he can "sheet" and "corner":

The DeSisto School sits abandoned in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It was a private boarding school for troubled teens with a long and troubled history of its own. Pinal County Sheriff and U.S. Congressional candidate Paul Babeu was the school's Headmaster and Executive Director from 1999 to 2001. While Babeu ran the school, the Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services launched an investigation into repeated allegations of abuse.... Several students we spoke with say they also knew a secret about Babeu. It was a secret that Babeau’s older sister said she discovered one day after visiting his home. Lucy Babeu told the ABC15 Investigators she confronted her brother after finding a student from DeSisto school living with Babeu. “I said what is this student from Desisto doing here? He says, ‘Lucy, he's my boyfriend. I love him’.” Lucy Babeu told us her brother was having a relationship with the male student....

ABC15 is not identifying the former student. He has not responded to our interview requests.
At the time, he was 17 which is the legal age of consent in Massachusetts.

Paul Babeu isn't dropping out of his race for congress and is picking up support from Republicans who argue that he was outed for being the "crime" of being a gay conservative. So... fucking illegal immigrants and 17-year-old boys: looks like we can add both to the IOIYAR list.