Not all the bills we've been tracking are dead.

For example, this one:

HB 1217: Slow the fuck down on neighborhood streets

Turns out the state makes it very expensive to lower a speed limit—who knew?—and this bill, technically, just makes it a lot cheaper to do so. But HB 1217's broader impact could be huge for cyclists and pedestrians, says Craig Benjamin, director of policy and government affairs for the Cascade Bicycle Club, because "lots of cities would love to lower their speed limits on nonarterial streets, but right now they have to do a costly state-approved engineering and traffic study first." By eliminating that study requirement, this bill would help spur cash-strapped cities (like Seattle) to build more bicycle-friendly greenways.

Craig Benjamin, of the Cascade Bicycle Club, tells me this bill passed the house 96 to zero not too long ago. After that, he said, "we had a great hearing in the senate transportation committee"—which last week sent it onward, toward the senate floor.

“It’s definitely alive and thriving," Benjamin said.

The question, however, is this: Will it get a vote on the senate floor?

“Nothing is certain in the legislature," Bejamin said. "We are working to make sure that it does.”

Want to make sure this bill gets a vote? Write to Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown and tell her to put it on the schedule.