This fist caucused for Mitt Romney, but is awaiting a Ron Paul coup at the county convention.
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  • This Republican-stamped fist caucused for Mitt Romney. But it's quietly awaiting a Ron Paul coup at the county convention.
He's 29 years old. He's employed as "a government worker." And he wouldn't give his name because "a lot of people know me in the party."

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He told the people he caucused with at Roosevelt High School this morning that he's "a Romney voter," and he even went for Romney in the straw poll that was held for his precinct.

He then got himself elected as a delegate to the upcoming county convention—for all everyone in his caucus knew, a Romney delegate. But, as he correctly points out: "This is all non-binding. If change my mind, I change my mind."

He continued: "My idea is that I will go to the convention and just see what's playing out." And if enough of Ron Paul's Manchurian delegates make it to the county convention, and if the right signal is given and there's a viable coup attempt, then, as he put it to me, "I'll switch sides."

I asked him if he feels dishonest.

"Do I feel dishonest?" he asked himself out loud.

The answer wasn't no.

Instead, he said: "I'm just open right now."

He is, as the signs say, not alone.

Check out this e-mail we just received from a "Santorum supporter" interviewed by a different Stranger staffer at a different caucus site this morning:

I was interviewed at the GOP caucus by one of your great staff because I was a Santorum supporter.

I was not able to give truthful answers in front of the audience. I was working on and succeeded in getting selected as the delegate/precinct captain for the county convention.

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Please take my interview with a giant pile of salt in the wound.

Thanks for doing a great job.

As Paul Constant noted a while back, this may very well be Ron Paul's secret plan to win the nomination. Should be an interesting county convention.

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