Remember way back on Friday when Matt Hickey tipped us off about HOT TUB BOATS, and some people in comments said hot tubs are gross (WRONG, unless you're hot-tubbing with the wrong people), and some people wondered how a boat that is full of water can float (MAGIC, obviously), but most people were all OH MY GOD CAN SUCH A GREATNESS BE TRUE?!

Answer from the official Hot Tub Boat people: YES!!! Erin of the Hot Tub Boat Team says:

The prototype boat (in the pictures) was designed and built by two local shipwrights, Kelly Norton and C. Adam Karpenske. We were hoping to have a "soft roll-out" with our new local business. However given the recent popularity, we are incredibly excited and busy! The business is still planning on making its official debut this summer, and we will have price information for rentals and purchase at the beginning of April.

The photos over here are from the maiden voyage of the first Hot Tub Boat on Lake Union! Some details:

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Each hot tub boat comes complete with coolers, locked dry storage, water jets, running gear and safety equipment. They are subject to all US Coast Guard Standards, have had a complete marine survey, and are fully insured. They are powered by electric in-board motors and cleaned with a UV/chemical-less filter making them environmentally friendly.

All righty, then! HOT TUB BOATS!!! Another reason to be desperate for summer.