State Senator Jim Kastama fucked his Democratic caucus Friday night, and now it's time for his ex-colleagues to fuck him in return. Kastama is running for Secretary of State, allegedly as a Democrat, and according to his campaign website he currently has the endorsement of the following 15 Senate Dems:

Lisa Brown, Senate Majority Leader 3rd District Spokane
Adam Kline, State Senator 37th District Seattle
Brian Hatfield, State Senator 19th District Raymond
Debbie Regala, State Senator 27th District Tacoma
Derek Kilmer, State Senator 26th District Gig Harbor
Ed Murray, State Senator 43rd District Seattle
Maralyn Chase, State Senator 32nd District Shoreline
Mary Margaret Haugen, State Senator 10th District Camano Island
Paull Shin, State Senator 21st District Edmunds
*Rodney Tom, State Senator 48th District Bellevue
Steve Hobbs, State Senator 44th District Lake Stevens
*Tim Sheldon, State Senator 35th District Potlatch
Tracey Eide, State Senator 30th District Federal Way
Rosemary McAuliffe, State Senator 1st District Bothell
Kevin Ranker, State Senator 40th District San Juan Island

[*Fellow caucus traitor]

Judging from their speeches on the floor of the Senate Friday night, and their public comments and statements afterwards, many of Kastama's endorsers were shocked and offended by his stunning betrayal. So isn't it time to repay him for his perfidy by pulling their endorsements? Isn't it?

If any of these Kastama-endorsing Dems are your senator, you might want to ask them.