According to The Page, here's the order in which polls will close and caucuses will conclude tonight, in Seattle time:

Georgia, Vermont and Virginia all close at 4 pm.

Ohio closes at 4:30 pm.

Oklahoma and Tennessee close at 5 pm.

Massachusetts and North Dakota finish up at 6 pm.

Idaho caucuses at 6 pm.

Alaska finishes caucusing at 9 pm.

I think what we're about to see tonight is the coronation of Mitt Romney. Santorum has been losing steam for a couple weeks now—every Republican loved him until he opened his mouth and all that Santorum fell out—and Gingrich decided to shore up his home state of Georgia, which has kept him out of the national conversation for almost a month. But still, this Republican nomination process has been nothing if not unpredictable, so maybe there'll be a shocking third-act twist. Tune in right here on Slog starting at four, and we'll all watch the results together.