Yesterday I called for Democratic Senators to pull their endorsement of Secretary of State wannabe Jim Kastama. Today I called for the Senate Dem leaders to yank the Higher Education Committee chair held by Senator Ro_ney Tom. So what to do about the third member of this troika of budget traitors, Senator Tim Sheldon?

Well... a while back my dog Feisty killed a friend's chicken, an unfortunate incident about which I still feel bad. But I don't blame the dog. Dogs kill chickens. That's just what they do.

Kastama and Tom knew better, but Sheldon? He's just a dog (that's why, despite his seniority, he sits on the fewest committees of any senator, and chairs none). So while I wouldn't mind smacking Sheldon on the nose with a rolled up newspaper (metaphorically or otherwise), it's not like it would change his behavior.