My, my, doesn't this sound eerily familiar?

Amid rumblings that House Republicans may break their end of a major budget agreement they struck with Democrats last fall, and possibly touch off another government shutdown battle later this year, a top Senate Democrat issued a stern warning to the GOP: Don’t go there.

We had a deal last August on the budget numbers, and we expect them to live with that deal,” said Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) — a member of the Democratic leadership, high-ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee and erstwhile co-chair of the Super Committee — in an interview with TPM. “I have been astonished how many times they play with fire. Last August they almost shut the government down, a year ago they almost shut the government down, by trying to go to a place where most Americans don’t believe we should be going.”

Substitute this Washington for that Washington, and Sen. Ed Murray for Sen. Patty Murray, and the story of fire-playing deal-breaking Republicans is almost identical.

The moral? GOPers can't be trusted.