A further thought on the birth control/health insurance debate. For those of you who didn't like my Christian Science analogy, let me take a swing at the Quakers.

Quakers, Mennonites, Amish and adherents of some other faiths object to war as a matter of religious doctrine, and as such have been exempted from being drafted into combat roles by the US military. However, they have never been exempt from paying the taxes that pay for our wars, no matter how morally objectionable they may find them to be.

From a First Amendment perspective, the religious objection to war and the religious objection to birth control provide a pretty straight up analogy. Nobody is forcing Catholics and Evangelicals to use birth control, or even to pay for it directly. However, if they are paying into the health care system by subsidizing health insurance for their employees, they don't have a right to line item veto individual medical products and procedures, just like Quakers don't have the right to line item veto individual federal expenditures.

Quaker tax dollars bought napalm during the Vietnam War, just like Catholic health insurance premiums help pay for birth control. That may be an uncomfortable thought for the faithful in question, but it is not unconstitutional. In fact, it's part of the price we all pay to live in our complex modern society.