Continuing a theme he's been pounding for a while now, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee just released a statement praising the senate Republicans' turnabout on education funding.

For those who've been paying close attention (which may only be political reporters, but that's not an unimportant constituency when you're running for governor), Inslee's statement is an implicit reminder that Republican Rob "Education Candidate" McKenna has been totally silent on his party's slash-and-reverse education snafu.

"Clearly embarrassed by a failed effort to cut funding for K-12 and higher ed, Republicans heard the message that $74 million in cuts to our schools and colleges was $74 million too much," Inslee said in a statement. "Cutting education is the least 'sustainable' budget option they could have chosen, and reversing course is the first step to finding a solution and ending the special session."

The aim is clear: Inslee wants to be seen as the candidate who's actually willing to fight for education funding.