Too many games put us in the role of a dude/lady with a gun/sword killing zombies/aliens. Not that we mind—Mass Effect 3 is eroding our free time even as we write this—but we're still grateful for the indie gaming renaissance that's freeing up new options. For a nice, freaky e.g., check out this promo video for The Ant Experiment a Kickstarter project that aims to create a MMO focused on ants and their busy, busy lives:

The folks involved have made decent-looking games before, and seem to have learned quite a bit from studying Minecraft. They don't specifically call out the old classic SimAnt (which is available for free, at least on 32-bit PCs), but The Ant Experiment feels like a spiritual successor. Just a $10 support pledge toward a $300K goal gets you the game on Android or iOS when it comes out in December, and more $$ gets you sweeter (and sometimes weirder) returns.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.