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I completely forgot to post about the most important meal of the weekend on Friday: BRUNCH. Brunch has been around since the famously indecisive Earl of Hamburger first made a sandwich and put an egg on it on a Saturday or a Sunday at noonishtime. It's breakfast and/or lunch! It's both! BRUNCH. We went to some new brunch places and ate brunch.

Here are our reviews of brunch at Terra Plata, Serious Biscuit, the Burgundian (formerly the Publican), Meander's Kitchen, and Judkins Street Cafe.

So far commenters are saying:

No mention of the Morning Glory drag brunch at the Skylark the second Saturday of every month?! That's by far the best brunch in town!!!

"The biscuits, crisped around the edges with manchego [Queso Manchego cheese] baked in..."

"Anson Mills grits with fontina and pecorino stirred in..." [both from Terra Plata]

Cheese in EVERYTHING; how disgusting. It stinks up the room and ruins otherwise perfectly-good recipes.

You guys forgot The Harvest Vine. In my opinion, the best brunch in Seattle!

To the first and the third: Thanks, great, yay, YES, but we tried out five NEW brunches. If you would like to consider the full scope of brunches all across our great city (and who wouldn't?), you may refer to the Breakfast & Brunch Bible in this week's paper or our convenient online listing over here.

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To the second: While I respect your right to an anti-cheese agenda—this is America—cheese baked in biscuits and stirred into grits are good, good, GOOD.

Anyway, brunch! Reviews over here.