• Goldy

The tiny hole-in-the-wall in Columbia City that used to house Roy's BBQ is now La Teranga, a Senegalese place, and our friend Jill (of Edible Seattle) is pretty much delirious! Witness her excitement:

I am in love! How did I not know about baobab juice? It's like lemon custard juice! Or something! Unicorn milk! No, that's gross! Anyway! We just had a delicious meal. His dish was something-or-other Yapp! Lamb, olives, lovely possibly pickled onions, broken rice. I had a vegetarian mafe plate—cassava, yam, sweet potato, & carrot with an interesting tangy peanut sauce. Senegalese food might be my new favorite kind of food.

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After being badgered for 17 days, Goldy was prevailed upon to take the photo above, which also prompted him to report that across the street—where the Chelsea Deli (sob!) used to be—an organic juice and smoothies place is opening called Jus Bar (the U has a line over it, but that is beyond my HTML skills—feel free to strut your superior stuff in comments!).

So Columbia City's getting a juice bar. Congratulations? Condolences?