A few hours ago, Rich O'Neill, the president of Seattle's Police Officer Guild, flatly denied that he tried to "make a deal" with City Attorney Pete Holmes—specifically, that in exchange for dropping an assault case against SPD officer Gary Haynes, O'Neill would refrain from bad-mouthing the city attorney (who is soon up for re-election) to his 1,250-strong police guild. When questioned on the stand, O'Neill called the story "an outright lie." (Making Pete Holmes a lying liar.)

And frankly, I'm a little disappointed at the restraint shown in the City Attorney's response.

From the dew-kissed lips of communications director Kimberly Mills: “As City Attorney Pete Holmes and an assistant city attorney were leaving the United Black Clergy meeting at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Nov. 10,2011, Sgt. O’Neill caught up to them and initiated a conversation. There will be no further comment on the conversation until the trial concludes.”

Sigh. It's as if there was an adult in the room or something.