Stand Your Ground: A look at the NRA-backed law in Florida that will make it harder to prosecute the killer of Trayvon Martin.

The reversal rate for PTSD diagnoses at Madigan: Is 40 percent, according to information released by the office of Senator Patty Murray.

Shocker: Mitt Romney won Illinois last night.

Danny Westneat on Mike Daisey: "I think I know what happened..."

Rich O'Neill, president of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild, takes the stand: And says, at the trial of an SPD officer accused of kicking a cuffed suspect in the head, that the officer would have been within his rights to shoot the guy.

Also, O'Neill called the City Attorney a liar: To which the City Attorney responded, essentially, "watch the rest of the trial."

Eight bucks for a large juice: Welcome to the new Starbucks juice store in Bellevue.

Thirty percent more for oil: What Lagarde thinks prices might look like if Iran is attacked.

Something less than all-out war: What the Israelis are telling Jeffrey Goldberg they think will happen if Iran is attacked.

Cutting out the comedy middleman: The very best part of this story, which is about buy-it-online comedy, comes from stand up comedian / "Parks and Recreation" fixture Aziz Ansari:

“I don’t get any money from the specials that air on Comedy Central,” said Mr. Ansari, who also stars on the NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation.” “I haven’t seen any checks from the DVDs, CDs. If I just put it out in a traditional way, I wouldn’t have made any money, so why don’t I do it this way?” Comedy Central said Mr. Ansari had been paid a six-figure advance and continues to receive residuals on his last televised special.

And here's an exploding iceberg for you: