This all happened about a week ago—the death of Oregonian editorial page editor Bob Caldwell, the outpouring of journalistic encomiums, the serious revisions to the paper's story about exactly how he died. And now comes news that the woman who's apartment Caldwell was in before he died allegedly "works as an internet call girl."

There's a somewhat interesting debate about whether Caldwell's manner of death was ever anyone's business to begin with, since he wasn't the standard kind of public figure. But as pointed out here:

Though his wasn’t a household name, Caldwell had influence in Oregon that surpassed many public figures. More than 600 people attended his March 17 memorial service, which was packed with politicians, business leaders and Oregonian employees who had known Caldwell for decades.

And more to the point:

Since 2000, The Oregonian, with Caldwell as editorial page editor, published at least 16 unsigned editorials on prostitution.

“Some people will tell you that prostitution is a victimless crime,” an Oregonian editorial said in 2001. “They’re wrong…. [W]hen you think about it, you realize prostitution isn’t ‘victimless’ even when prostitutes reach the grand old ages of 15 or 17 or 19.”