The push to explain the benefits of Obamacare: In high gear as the Supreme Court hearings approach.

A close study of "asshole" usage at the Seattle Times: It appears to be on the rise.

Seventeen counts of murder: For Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales.

Five years of data: What the government is now allowed to store about you in its terrorist-hunting databases, even if you have no ties to terrorism.

Florida police chief steps down: Amid fury over the shooting of Trayvon Martin. (The chief's reasoning: He'd “become a distraction.")

Who's energy independent now? This country, at least more so than it used to be.

Political ads that never were: From the Bush, Kennedy, and McCain trash bins.

Santorum picks Obama: Over Romney.

One of the best states in which to be a woman: Washington.

And Rob McKenna wants ANOTHER vote on light rail? The Republican candidate for governor said yesterday that he doesn't want light rail across I-90 (shocker) and that "the only way out… I can see on that is having a public vote.” To which Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee's spokesperson, Jaime Smith, responded:

Voters have made it clear they want light rail across I-90 and into Bellevue. Businesses and employers have made it clear it's part of our economic growth strategy. The courts have rejected efforts to stop this project. When will Republican Rob McKenna respect the people, employers, and courts and move beyond his cynical opposition to rail and transit?