Hot on the heels of a week in which solo performance became a viral internet topic on par with Kim Kardashian being doused with flour (thank you, Mike Daisey, for real; even before this hubbub, Daisey had done more to popularize the entertainment value of one person talking onstage than anyone since Spalding Gray), tonight I'm launching an encore run of my new solo play A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem at Hugo House.

Fair question in the wake o' Daiseygate: Is it true? Yes. This isn't always the case with my shows—here's an explanation of my show Straight's journey from page to stage—but this time it is. In fact, there are things mentioned in this show that I would pay a lot of money to have be not-true. But c'est la vie.

Also, not only am I Stranger staffer, the show has a couple chunks that explicitly reference my work at The Stranger, which means it's basically impossible for anyone at The Stranger to review this show. But here are write-ups from Seattlest, Culture Mob, the Seattle Times, and the SGN.

And did I mention Kim Kardashian was doused with flour??