There are so many exciting things happening, nerds!

1. You can now buy your passes for Geek Girl Con 2012! If last year is any indication, this will sell out fast and you will regret missing it. Get your tickets here!

2. Guess who I talked to?!? Jon Bernthal (aka Shane) from The Walking Dead! Watch this space for the interview coming later this week! (spoiler: he's a super-nice, down-to-earth guy) Look for Jon at Emerald City ComiCon... which brings us to our next alert:

3. Emerald City ComiCon is this weekend!! I will see you there!

4. Sakura-Con is NEXT weekend!

5. And finally, X-Bit 1 & 2 are this AND next weekend (3/30 and 4/6). Both events are at Pink Gorilla in the U District and feature local chiptune artists.