Terry won't get my Social Security benefits if I should die, he'll be hit with a tax bill so large that he'll probably lose the home we share, and he and DJ will be impoverished—but, hey, pretty soon we won't have to fill out two of customs forms when we fly home from a trip to Mexico:

The Department of Homeland Security announced today that same-sex families will soon be able to cross the border together, filing just one form for all “members of a family residing in one household.” Before, married same-sex couples had to go through customs separately because the policy referred to married couples, and thus fell under the purview of the Defense of Marriage Act. The proposed change will undergo a series of reviews and a period of public comment before it takes effect.

It's progress and we welcome it. But what we'd really like is our full civil equality, thank you, and the equal protection under the law that comes along with it. (Via JMG.)