Buzzfeed says that while Mitt Romney hired a lobbyist to ensure that his cars would have an elevator, he was against elevators for disabled people when he was governor of Massachusetts.

[Romney] was hostile to requirements for elevators imposed by the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA). In two items flagged by a Democratic operative, Romney vetoed legislation that would have improved elevators for the disabled.

On June 26, 2006 Romney vetoed an improvement project with the price tag of $40,000 with his line item veto. The project would have allocated the money to Woburn Development Authority for improvements to an elevator to meet the standards set in the ADA.

Also on that day Romney vetoed an additional $25,000 to the Braintree, Massachusetts Council on Aging. The money was again proposed to meet improvements with the ADA.

Well, of course. This shouldn't be a surprise at all. Romney just has his priorities in order: You can't take the top off of a homeless veteran and ride him around on a sunny day, now can you?