Derailed—wherein you imbibe at nine different establishments from Othello to Westlake Stations—is a light-rail pub crawl. It happens tomorrow, starting at brand-new Deo Valente Cafe at noon.

Deo Valente is a sleek-looking (but not generically so) Italian cafe right by the Othello light rail station. It's also Latin for “God willing” (update! Or according to commenters, "if God is strong," or per Google translate, "God gifted")—an appropriate name for a first business venture. Owner Rob Libert makes the gelato himself, and there's also bruschetta, panini, coffee, beer, and wine. Sounds like lunch!

Also! SO MANY OTHER boozy events this weekend:

· Hop Scotch Spring Beer and Scotch Festival—they emailed to say enter code "SIP" when buying your ticket for two free extra drink tokens

· the Washington Cask Beer Festival—with more than 70 different cask beers

· and Taste Washington—for all you oenomasochists.

Thanks to valiant Chow intern Lauren Cardella.