Mirror, Mirror is the familiar tale of Snow White, retold from the perspective of the evil queen who is played by Julia Roberts. You know, like how Wicked is The Wizard of Oz from the witch's perspective. And the upcoming Maleficent is Sleeping Beauty as seen through the wicked sorceress' eyes. Apparently Hollywood is running out of remakes so filmmakers are now going to redo every story from the villain's point of view. (I can't wait for Die Hard: Hans Gruber Gets Rich.)


Despite how the first sentence might've made you cringe, know this: Mirror Mirror isn't terrible. The sets and costumes are pretty magnificent, in fact (even if they do look like sweetened up versions of anything Tim Burton has ever done), and Julia Robert's is utterly unlikable as Snow White's horrific step-mother (as Julia Roberts should be, although I have no valid reason for disliking her as much as I do).

The film's heroine, Snow White, duh, is played by Lily Collins aka Phil Collins' daughter and she is super cute and Audrey Hepburn-y. In fact, apparently Maxim said she was one of the "Hottest Daughters of Rock Stars" (also, really, Maxim? That's a thing? Barf.) The prince is played by Armie Hammer who has very nice abs, and the updated "seven dwarfs" (the Baron, Renbock, Half-Pint, Grimm, Napoleon, Chuckles, and Wolf) are actually quite funny. Sometimes. At least in comparison to the rest of the characters who aren't really funny at all.

So if your tween daughter or sister or niece wants to see a movie with you this weekend (it's supposed to rain), this one would do just fine. You can hate Julia Roberts, your young, impressionable date can feel empowered by the fact that Snow White does some of the ass-kicking (and even reprimands history's misogynistic habits), and both of you will enjoy knowing you didn't waste your money on something truly awful like The Hunger Games. (Maybe. There's been debate on how good or bad it is.)

(Worth noting: According to imdb.com, Collins auditioned for Snow White in that OTHER Snow White re-make but lost the roll to a blank piece of cardboard named Kristen Stewart. Whoever made that call made a big mistake. Big. HUGE. Stewart has as much onscreen presence as a bag of Corn Nuts [original, not ranch].)