Now that Seattle and three other cities in Washington State have successfully banned plastic bags and referendums have failed to materialize on the ballot, it sends a signal to other cities. "The Issaquah City Council is voting on a ban on plastic bags tonight," says a notice from Environment Washington. "Public testimony will take place beforehand, with many interested parties planning to speak. This would make Issaquah the fifth city in the state to ban plastic bags." The Issaquah City Council convenes 7:30 p.m. to discuss a measure that more or less replicates rules that take effect in Seattle on July 1:

Seattles new bag rules starting July 1
  • Seattle's new bag rules starting July 1

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It's baggism! The council members are baggists! Plastic bags are a civil right! We have other priorities!

"Talk about a distraction," writes Bryan Weinstein in a letter to the Issaquah Press. "What next — unicorns and ponies?" Personally, Bryan, I will draw the line at banning unicorns.

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