Chihuahuas Are Better Than Pomeranians


Because Taco Bell is better than a Polish with kraut?
Wrong! Patently wrong! Poms are much calmer and fit comfortably into any purse. Chihuahuas can't be trusted not to pee in the purse every time you sneeze.
at what?
True! Pomeranians have stupid fluffy fur. And my chihuahua is much calmer and better behaved than any pomeranian I have ever encountered. He has a fine pelt and a pleasant demeanor and is very, very handsome.
5 least from a grooming perspective.
One kind of anklebiting nuisance dog isn't better than any other. If they don't weigh at least 20 pounds, you might as well get a stupid cat. Glorified cats are all these toy breeds are anyway.

Still, Chihauhas are both pointless and unpleasantly antisocial and noisy. At least Pomeranians are just pointless and unpleasantly noisy.
Strangely, in all my flaming-homo years I've never met one of either breed in person. Plenty of every other kind of accessory-size dog, but never a chihuahua or pomeranian.
Pugs are much better than either.
Ha! So there.
As the main? A side? Both? I've never tried either.
As a man who's owned a chihuahua for over a decade, and as one that had a pom as a neighbor, I must agree. Chihuahuas, when raised correctly, are fun, smart, and, yes, quiet dogs. At times playful and rowdy, but, when called for, mellow and lap-bound.

If you do not like chihuahuas then you've been around the wrong chihuahuas.
Chihuahuas fly much farther when you throw them, thanks to decreased wind resistance.

Both suck.
Grooming-wise, yes.

I've met yappy, mal-adjusted Pomeranians and yappy, mal-adjusted Chihuahuas. I've also met nice ones of both.

I have some sort of Chihuahua-mix dog, and she's pretty laid back.
Fun fact: if you can fit it in a purse, it's not a dog, it's a rodent.

Golden retrievers, labs, basset hounds...these are dogs. Chihuahuas are genetic experiments on rats gone awry, and Pomeranians are dust mops brought to life through black magic.
Chihuahuas are not very well suited to our climate. It's simply too cold for them here.
Chihuahuas taste best baked in a cupcake.

I like the ones with the spicy brown curry sauce, personally.
I have a pom, she's not a teacup pom, but still small. ~10 pounds. She still has her herding instincts from the original larger ancestors and is extremely smart. She's responsive about 10 commands and recognizes words in general conversation as her commands, she is also great at playing fetch.

She doesn't shake uncontrollably like most chihuahuas.

Also, poms are genetically predisposed to having a smile on their face. While it may make them seem dumb, it's very, very endearing.
ChiChis are easier to groom but they tend to have major bladder control problems and they're constantly terrified. PomPoms are cute when they have that teddy bear hair cut but long-haired breeds are too high-maintenence. Overall, I'd say it's a draw.
@10, you may be interested to know that "You've Been Around the Wrong Chihuahuas" is the title of Chapter 8 of my autobiography.
Onion headline: "Dog in purse gazes longingly at dog in yard."
@ 1 is almost onto something. Discussing which annoying little yappy dog is like debating which crappy fast food restaurant is better.
@21 McDonalds used to win that, back when they sold chicken mcnuggets with spicy tang sauce (called different things in different countries) and spicy brown curry sauce (not sold in the US, sadly).

autobiography ... doesn't someone have to actually do something to write that or am I just too old school?
Chihuahuas make better tacos, having been bred for it. Poms roast up a little sweeter, being a little fattier. Chis are easier to clean. Poms are easier to kill. I say about 50/50 depending on the recipe.

Also, true.

ChiChis and PomPoms? You've just succeeded in making me hate them both and before this moment I had no opinion whatsoever.
Well, I'll have to bow to your expertise. I've never tasted either one. Frankly, they're both pretty tiny, so I'd guess their isn't much meat on them. Plus, they tend to be high strung, so what meat there is would probably be tough as leather. Do you slow cook them to soften the meat?

Oh. You mean as a pet?

No. Absolutely not. And I say that as a dog lover. To call either of these tiny monstrosities a dog is an insult to all real dogs anywhere.
Cocker spaniels or boston terrier > either of them, if we're talking smaller dogs.
This breed is now to be referred to as "Chihui." So declareth I.
I have one of each. I love them both, equally as my dogs and as breeds.
Hitler is better than Pomeranians
Any dog will act like a dog if you treat it like one and train it properly. And any dog will act like a hyperactive, spoiled toddler if you treat it like one. I was reared with Chihuahuas and English Mastiffs. I kid you not. I've seen bad dogs that were 4 pounds and bad dogs that were 240 pounds. Most of them are pretty good dogs, depending on how psychotic their owners are.
I just realized the previous post makes it sound as if I were sucked alongside the puppies of both breeds. What I meant is that I was around both breeds a lot when I was growing up. Sheesh.
@19 I'm both honored and terrified.
Depends on the dog.
LIES. I love my pom mix to bits. Her name is Pixel. She's not a purse dog (~15 pounds puts her on par with a small Cavalier Spaniel). And her worst trait (shrill barking- we're working on it!) is one she shares with many chihuahuas.

Not that I dislike chihuahuas, mind. I always assumed I did but then I volunteered with a dog shelter and so MANY of the dogs I worked with were chi mixes. Most of them were very sweet! One of them would even lift both back legs and walk around on his front ones a couple of steps when he peed.
I have three chihuahua that are all well-behaved and don't ankle bite or yipyap. Like all dogs, its about training. Since I'm a man and don't carry a purse, I just stuff all three in my coat. Even with that, I still have a better figure than most pot-bellied beer drinkers my age.

I foster cared a pomeranian for months. Stupidest animal I've ever cared for. I've never, ever, met a smart pom. Vacant.

Chiwowers > poms.
And Italian Greyhounds are better than both. Nyah.
@SchmuckyThe Cat wow. I couldn't disagree more. That's really funny and not at all what I've encountered in my life . Most chihuahuas I be met are timid, scared, nippy and or yappy. I've never met one that knew many commands other than basics like sit and lie down. I have a pomeranian and he's about the smartest dog I've ever met. He knows about 20 different commands and still learning. Understands many human words and the spellings of those words. I also adopted a chihuahua mix a few years later and have to say she's very sweet but not nearly as bright as my pom. Not bad though she's learned about 6 commands so far. My experience with poms are that they are very smart and outgoing and have amazing personalities. They are by far my favourite of the toy breeds!