That Wasn't Zimmerman Screaming for Help: Forensic experts claim the screams on the 911 call, the screams Zimmerman says were him crying out for help, are not him.

And This Is Why You Don't Enter to Win Millions of Dollars With Co-Workers: A Maryland woman claims to have one of the winning Mega Millions tickets. She says it's her own ticket. Her co-workers say it's a ticket purchased for an office pool. DRAMA.

Panic!: 1.5 million debit and credit card numbers have been compromised!

Today's Gonna Be Windy: Watch out for high winds today, Western Washington.

The City Doesn't Want to Pick Up Your Trash Every Week: This summer, Seattle is going to experiment with collecting trash every other week to save money and drive up recycling. Hope things don't get stinky.

Ewwwwww: "Ivar's 'unveils' April Fools' Day chowder vending machine."

Burger King Is Getting a Makeover: The fast food chain will introduce new menu items and remake its shops to be "more culturally directed towards momzzzzzzzz....

Is Breast-Feeding a Civil Right?:

A proposed Seattle law would make it easier for women to nurse in public, by making breastfeeding a protected civil right. It would make it illegal for a business to ask a nursing mom to stop, leave, move to a private area or cover up. Only businesses open to the public would be applicable, such as restaurants, stores, pools and libraries.

"Sadly, it happens all the time," said Rachel Schwartz, manager of the advocacy group Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington.

"Our society sees women's breasts as sexual. If a woman's in a string bikini, it's okay. But if a mom is using her breasts for what they're biologically intended for, it makes people very uncomfortable."

Didn't We Already Know This Answer?: Scientists found out what sank the Titanic.

Congratulations: John McClane is a dad again—the baby girl is named Mabel Ray Willis, ensuring she'll grow up to be a country music star.

And I know I posted this last night, but yesterday's brawl between the Penguins and the Flyers was the most entertaining thing to happen in hockey all week. And with NHL playoffs just over a week away, I'm starting to get real stoked: