Letter to the Editor


"Laws exist to keep the poor from eating the rich."
Think of all the slave labor that it took to get those Wonders of the World monuments built. Fuck that shit, I'd rather have a job and health insurance than a Taj Mahal or another goddamn Damien Hirst "masterpiece".
How can one still be alive after being cooked?
"To serve man"

It's the least they can do, but I'm afraid there's way too much fat in them.
#4: al dente

Yeah, peace through the application of fear. That usually works, right?
@4 Just sear like good tuna
Actually, I'm pretty sure they already think that. If you imagine most Republicans lying in their bed at night sweating in terror that mobs of poor people are going to come and take their stuff (and presumably eat them after that), Republican ideology makes a lot more sense.
Everything is better with BBQ sauce.
@2 Aqueducts? Say what? You're mixing a lot of engineering and construction and cultural metaphors there.
What are you shooting your mouth off about @10? You're telling us that Roman labor was done by...volunteers?!? How illiterate do you think we are? No civilization in history owned so many slaves and depended on them so much as the Romans. Everything we think of as Roman culture -farms, roads, skilled labor, aqueducts- ALL OF IT was built by slaves and owned by wealthy people. All of whom deserved to be cooked and eaten.

Historical revisionism doesn't actually change history you know.
And let us know if you want to get started on the loving people who gave "devotional volunteer time" to build the Great Wall. Fool.
@4 - I suppose you could just cook part of them, while leaving the rest of the body in its normal state. Surely some parts must be tastier than others, and other parts undesirable for consumption. I once watched a youtube video of people doing something like this with a fish in China.
@4: Thank you for asking that. I was wondering the same thing.
Comment 7, 'gloomy gus':

Well, the rich and powerful have never been shy about keeping the rest of us in fear. True, let them fear too much and they lower the boom, but too low and they believe that we in fact were born with saddles and they with spurs.

I'd rather that fear didn't work with primates, but it's part of how primate bands do their amazingly effective stuff---it's not all, there's also mutual concern (real or notional grooming) but the world in fact largely runs on fear.

Civilisation, pacem Robert Howard, is superior to barbarism precisely because sources of fear are fewer and more mystified---it's much the way that people who don't slaughter the animals they eat, or at least watch it happen periodically, are hypocrites (like me) but also harder to train to slaughter humans.

Anything that decreases the general level of fear is better for all but our masters; this is why we will continue to have the jobs/money system long after we're technically competent enough to not need it---it's so much damn fun for the ones at the top to be less afraid than we.
@18, sounds to me like a yearning to rearrange the deck chairs.
I am a master of bricolage, and so able to rearrange deck chairs...into a crude but serviceable raft.
You go, Gurl!
@2, Without the oppression by the powerful, how many more great minds would have had the opportunity to flourish and give even more to society? You see some nice stuff left over as the byproduct of a long dead ego and immeasurable suffering, I see a massive squandering of potential.
That really doesn't sound like a vision of a peaceful world.
Nah, we libtards don't hate the rich. We just want them to be afraid of being cooked and eaten.

I didn't think libtards could get any more stupid. Until now.

Here's an idea, dimwits. Go out and make your OWN money rather than stealing someone elses for a change. Oh, and fuck the hell off.
@4 - The same way this sort of thing would bring on an "abject" form of fear, I suppose. It's possible, but probably not really what the author meant.

Or what #6 said.

If our only two choices are either a plutocracy, or to placate the mob, well... then shit sucks.
@2 Thanks for the insightful comment on apples.

However, I think the letter you're responding to was about oranges.
In many cases it was devotional volunteer time given by the people

If you want to make big bucks, submit your application to Fox News tout de suite. This comment alone will get you an anchor job, right next to Megyn "Pepper spray is just a food product essentially" Kelly.
@3: The Pyramids were built by professionals, not slaves. Just wanted to make sure that was put straight.
I can't believe nobody's thought of this:

They say music is the food of love.
Let's see if you're hungry enough.
Take a bite, take another,
Just like a good boy would.
Get a sweet thing on the side.
Home cooking, homicide.
Side order, could be your daughter.
Finger licking good.

Come on baby, eat the rich,
Put the bite on the son of a bitch,
Don't mess up, don't you give me no switch.
C'mon baby and eat the rich.
C'mon baby and eat the rich.

Motörhead forever!
So is it cooked alive or eaten alive? I'm confused.
I have to disagree with Leland on this. If the rich and powerful remain rich and powerful they will just build up powerful private armies to protect their tender delicious flesh. You have to remove their wealth and power to really have peace.

@2 "No great cuisine to please the delicate palates of the rich"
Actually, in my experience, most truly great cultural cuisines are based on poor people trying to figure out how to feed themselves with little money.
Escargot - Hungry poor people figure out how to make slug on the halfshell palatable. Now it's high cuisine.
Curry and other strong Indian spices - A way for the poor to cover up the fact that a lot of their food was spoiled castoffs.
Haggis - Poor people figuring out how to make the garbage leftover after feeding the rich into food.
Hamburgers & sausages - Just cheap cuts of meat and fat mixed together for the poor.

I could go on. I've always found that most quintessential cultural cuisines are just poor people food. Mmmmmm
SOME of the great cultural artifacts of the past, were built with slave labor.

SOME of the great cultural artifacts of the past, were built by "devotional volunteers"; for example, religious buildings and artifacts often were community efforts attended with great enthusiasm. Stonehenge, maybe, Cathedrals, there is even evidence that raising the Pyramids {designed to keep workers busy in the "off season" when they weren't needed for agriculture} was accompanied by enthusiasm and singing, not by whips as depicted in Hollywood epics.

MANY of the cultural artifacts of the past, WERE built by "Professionals" extremely proud of their work; Hellenistic and Roman engineers, Architects of all ages, makers of large-scale sculptures and Earth mounds, Masons, high-steel workers who built the original Chicago and Manhattan skyscrapers, etc. etc.

Some of these workers were enslaved, some were wage-"slaves", some were free contractors and businesspeople.... well-paid, poorly paid, or not paid, recognized or working anonymously.....
so everybody's right, and everybody's wrong. History isn't just one kind of cliche'.

Rich people were often the patrons and sponsors of the arts, but that doesn't deny that these artifacts ALSO could be Community Efforts, expressing a group's religious, cultural, nationalistic, or other "ideals". And that these sponsorships by the wealthy, DID enhance people's lives who weren't wealthy, including our own. Theater, Art, an interesting and usable Urban Environment, is potentially good for EVERYBODY.

The Rich people NOW, are getting out of hand, they want ALL Earth's resources for themselves, inside their gated communities, they know that Environmental Devastation and Disaster is REAL and they are trying to save themselves while the rest of us can go starve and die..... TITANIC is a parable for our times...... that's why it resonates so much.....
The Rich want to hog the few inadequate Life Rafts......