WHAT—A CEASEFIRE? I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER ALL THESE BOMBS. Seventeen were dead in Syria as of midday.

The State's Dime: The tiny king of sanctimony, not-really-a-Democrat Lt. Governor Brad Owen, AKA traitor, AAKA star of a crappy-ass rock band, AAAKA the guy who said last week he may cast a tie-breaking vote for the GOP budget that screws the poor, has a son. That son has been charged with "receiving nearly $20,000 in illegal disability payments."

Her Big Break! No one had ever heard of Melissa Gilbert—tell us about this Melissa Gilbert fellow—until last tonight, when she appeared briefly on Dancing with the Stars before leaving with a concussion and whiplash.

Seattle Times: Laments a negative backlash in comment threads on their outstanding recent Amazon expose, perhaps the work of Amazon employees defending their company with nasty personal comments. Here at The Stranger, we don't know what that's like, do we, Seattle Times employees?

Take It with a Grain of Cellulite: "Researchers found that the risk of autism increased by nearly 70 percent when moms were obese during their pregnancies, while the risk of a having a baby with some other neurodevelopmental disorder doubled, according to the study published early online Monday in Pediatrics."

If the Deal Goes Through: City will buy back NBA arena land at $100 million, "about four times as much as what Hansen paid for half the arena land."

That Wacky Lady I Met in Bellevue: The star of this post is running for office!

Obama: Stumping on the Buffett Rule less persuasive to independents than Romney's talking points. On the other hand, Obama makes Romney look like a wealthy sissy boy.

They Always Say This: "They took the cash in one lump sum, walking away with $34.99 million each after taxes, but say they have no plans to give up their day jobs."

Liberal Fun Times: Northwest Progressive Institute, a scrappy liberal think tank, is having its annual fundraising gala on Thursday with stand-up speakers Senator Maria Cantwell, Congressman Adam Smith, the Honorable Ron Sims, and NPI’s Andrew Villeneuve. It's $60 and you should go.

No Grand Jury: Florida prosecutor expected to decide whether to charge George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin "very, very soon."