UPDATE: I'd gotten a tip that this incident occurred at Rainier Beach High School but SPD just confirmed it was at South Lake High School.

Today at noon, Seattle police officers were called to Rainier Beach High School South Lake High School to investigate claims that a 53-year-old teacher had “slapped and strangled” one of his students:

According to witnesses, the suspect/teacher was teaching a class and the 17-year-old victim and another student were in the back of a class talking. The suspect/teacher told the two studetns [sic] to be quiet. The students ignored the request at which point the suspect/teacher went to the back of the class and confronted both students. It is at this point a disturbance ensued and the suspect grabbed the victim by the throat. According to the victim and witnesses the suspect/teacher choked and strangled the victim.

Officers contacted the suspect/teacher in the Staff lounge. He was arrested and transported to the South Precinct for processing.

I know, I know: This is allegedly terrible behavior on the part of a teacher. It's an abuse of power, violence is never okay, it sets a bad example, blah blah blah. But I still vividly remember high school. Most kids are part- or full-time shitheads. And so every time I read about a teacher freaking out on a student, part of me completely empathizes.

But feel free to disagree with me in the comments, HA HA HA.