Great news! The Seattle Center is teaming up with Coca-Cola to make it the "official beverage" of the Center and its Next Fifty celebration!

Under the partnership agreement, as outlined in a letter of intent, Coca-Cola will offer assistance and support in the areas of public programming, fundraising, education and outreach.

Also, Coca-Cola will sell a lot of sugar water. Yay!

The Coca-Cola support will help Seattle Center to continue to offer a quality experience to the millions of visitors to Seattle Center each year.

Also, it will help sell a lot of sugar water.

“We warmly welcome our new partner, one that shares the Center’s commitment to building sustainable communities, reducing its environmental footprint and supporting active, healthy living...” said Seattle Center Director Robert Nellams.

Also, he welcomes Coca-Cola's commitment to selling a lot of sugar water.

“Coca-Cola is honored to anchor our growing presence in Seattle by becoming the official beverage partner for Seattle Center,” said Bill O’Brien, senior vice president and general manager for Coca-Cola Refreshments’ Northwest Region.

Also, Coca-Cola is honored to be selling a lot of sugar water.


I'm not opposed to "partnerships" like this. Times are tough, money is short, and the Seattle Center is gonna sell a lot of sugar water regardless. So if city officials can squeeze a little extra cash out of Coca-Cola in exchange for the concessions rights, more power to them.

But please don't send me a fucking press release pretending to be proud about it.

UPDATE: In response to my query, city spokesperson Deborah Daoust says that Coca-Cola will provide a "cash investment of $420,000 over five years" in exchange for its official beverage status. Worth it?