Looks like I won't have Joni Balter's editorials to make fun of anymore:

Balter moves to newsroom


Name: David Boardman

Date: 4/30/2012, 2:00 PM

Email: dboardman@seattletimes.com

This is one of the most fascinating and important election seasons in many years, and we're bringing in major reinforcements to cover it. I'm pleased to announce that Joni Balter will be moving from the editorial-page staff, where she has shined for 16 years, back to the newsroom, where she was a star reporter in the '80s and '90s.

Joni will be a player-coach, backing up Richard Wagoner on the political desk, helping to reinvent the Politics Northwest blog and expand our online political offerings, sharing her experience in broadcast media and adding to our already-strong political reporting team.

Joni has an awesome Rolodex and a long record of scoops both as a reporter and editorial columnist. As Richard’s assistant, she will bring a jolt of energy to our coverage. Please join me in welcoming her!


From editorial board to "Assistant Deputy Metro Editor - Politics, Science, Environment." Hmm. Doesn't exactly sound like a lateral move. But as we say in the newspaper business: "At least you still have have a job."