Religious bullshitters. They're in a constant state of persecution, aren't they?
I went to his website and watched some of his other clips. He's a very funny man. I particularly liked the bit about the man who wouldn't have any gay friends for fear that they might turn him gay.
My dad (who like me is Jewish) has a coworker who is an Evangelical Christian. And because the coworker is a decent guy, he doesn't go around preaching in everyone's ear. Wish there were more like him.
Great self-promotional score, landing on slog. I won't hold it against you though, since the bit was funny (and topical). Kudos for successfully leveraging the Interwebs.
Dan, I hope this gets you on Chris Hayes' or Mellisa Harris Perry's show soon. This argument seems right up thier alleys.
I'm with him about spending ANY amount of time around a camp fire with those preachy sacarine hypocrites.
Unfortunately, the way Mauer reads the bible passage(s), segueing from Matthew 5 to (without mention) the Leviticus prohibitions against man-on-man and man-on-dog sex makes it sound as if Jesus actually said these anti-gay words. Jesus never said *anything* about homosexuality. Rather it's the more vocal and idiotic of Jesus' contemporary followers who put things in their Savior's mouth. (Insert sexual joke here.) But truly, I say unto thee, this kinda sh*t really F*cks up Jesus' message--which was Matthew 5: the beatitudes..."blessed be the peacemakers..."
#7 That's probably why he switched to the obviously not-king-James-version bit inbetween ("Oh and by the way...").
#8 Yeah, I got the joke. I even laughed. But my point is that both Mauer and the "Christian" homophobic bigots he (rightly) pillories are guilty of mis-attribution--and to Jesus, who isn't even able to dispute this defamation.