Good for MSNBC's Thomas Roberts. When one of the Christian ministers behind North Carolina's hateful anti-gay marriage amendment (which also ban civil unions and domestic partnerships) cites the Bible to justify the ban, Roberts presses him all the other stuff in the Bible that Christians ignore:

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And, hey, Genesis 2:24—that's in the Old Testament, right? I keep hearing from Christians about how it's hugely unfair of me to mention what the Old Testament says about shellfish or beards or or farming or murdering your non-virgins daughters on their wedding nights because that stuff is in the Old Testament and the Old Testament isn't, you know, germane to Christians. So all the Christians who've jumped down my throat for quoting Deuteronomy—a passage that requires us to amend North Carolina's constitution to make it legal to stone Callista Gingrich to death—will now dash to their computers and blast off angry emails to this Christian preacher for citing Genesis, right?


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