Rick Santorum is not going to be happy that he stealthily kinda-endorsed Mitt Romney when he hears about this:

The Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo reports that next week the Romney campaign will be doing a major fundraising blitz across Florida, including an event “at the Star Island manse of pharmaceutical magnate Phil and Pat Frost where dinner costs $50,000.”

Who is Dr. Phil Frost? He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teva Pharmaceuticals, a major manufacturer of contraceptives. Its North American website prominently advertises several forms of contraception, including Plan B One Step, which Romney previously denounced as an “abortive pill”

Plan B, of course, is basically a birth control pill and not an "abortive pill" by any sane definition. But Romney's strong language indicates he's entirely against it. He's still in favor of taking money made from sales of the "abortive pill," though, which the evangelical right is not going to like at all. The trick for Democrats is making sure that the evangelical right hears all about it.