So, for y'all who don't get enough Dan Savage idolatry (which, by the way, is bullshit according to the Bible) around here:

Read this and this and this from the Chicago Tribune.

Now, the part that makes this funny: I'm teaching my Chicago lit class, and we've been doing Chicago journalism and new media (Dan Sinker's Twitter-novella "The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @mayoremanuel"). I routinely mock. . . er, engage with. . . my students about the habit of Young People Nowadays not reading newspapers. Tuesday, Sinker spoke to my class and Dan tweeted something about it (that I showed to the class to engage with the New Media Paradigm). Today, I was discussing the various implications of this particular brand of post-modern discursive practices, blahblahblah, and a few students made comments about Dan's media presence that I now realize were about this freakin' story. That they'd read (online) but I hadn't, because I read the damn Trib on dead trees in the afternoon. Like after class.

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Here endeth the lesson.

Also, these stories do NOT show up on the Tribune's front page online. The Arts and Entertainment section they're in don't list these stories, even though that's where they appear in the print edition. This might be driven by search algorithms: so click these links to get this cool stuff up on their site!