Recall this post, Marxist and Anarchist Discuss the Right to the City, which is a video of a conversation between David Harvey and David Graeber:

3) [Graeber, an anthropologist and one of the founders of the OWS makes this comment] at the very end of the conversation [with David Harvey, a geographer]: The police officers who faced and repressed Occupy protestors in New York were actually worried about being identified because they feared their credit cards and bank accounts would be hacked by activists. Maybe American cops can learn a thing or two from drug enforcers in Mexico.

With this in mind, let's turn to Chicago, a city that's hosting a NATO Summit:

In a cruel hoax, someone called a Chicago police supervisor’s wife on Monday and said her husband had been shot to death — although he hadn’t, a police source said.

The person then “called back to say they were coming to kill her,” the source said.

The supervisor had been involved in media interviews discussing the police department’s NATO Summit protection, and authorities suspect the threat was related to his presence in the media.

Investigators are trying to find out who made the call. The police source initially linked the threat to a cyber attack on the city’s website, saying information about officers was feared stolen in the attack.

What this exposes is the class status of American police officers. They are homeowners, money savers, the builders and maintainers of good credit. They are middle class, and so their fears are middle-class fears: corruption of loan and banking information, destruction credit rating, disruption of credit access and flows. In the eyes of a cop, a bank robber becomes a piece of cake when placed next to this viper, the cyber-activists.