Apparently, Donald Trump is Mitt Romney's secret fundraising weapon. But the problem is, you can't keep Donald Trump on a leash:

“I feel strongly that Mitt is really doing well. I think he’s gonna be a great candidate and a great president. We need a great president. I feel a lot of people listen to what I have to say.”

No sooner were those dutifully gooey sentiments out of the way than The Donald—who plans to host a lunch or dinner for the presumptive GOP nominee and some of his lucky supporters at one of the Trump properties in Manhattan—launched into a furious disquisition concerning Obama’s place of birth.

Yes. Donald Trump is still going on about birther conspiracies. Donald Trump thinks President Obama was born in Kenya. And Mitt Romney is proudly, publicly standing with him. I think it's time for someone to ask Mitt Romney where he thinks President Obama was born, and what he thinks about Donald Trump's opinions. You can't pal around with idiots without getting some of that idiot-stink on you.