In her new book, Meghan McCain blasts Karl Rove as a “pathetic excuse for a human being” who spread vicious rumors about her father, finds Bill Clinton deplorable for having “cheated and lied” while then trying to play the victim... McCain, a Columbia University graduate, vows that she has “never cheated on a boyfriend,” having been raised by her parents to never lie, cheat or steal. “This is why, for me, it is a completely black-and-white situation: President Clinton cheated and lied. You can argue all you want, but he cheated on his marriage vows."

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife and that makes him utterly deplorable and Megan would never cheat on a boyfriend because her parents raised her never to lie, cheat or steal.

It appears that Meghan McCain's book research didn't include a visit to her father's Wikipedia page:

On July 3, 1965, McCain married Carol Shepp, a model originally from Philadelphia. McCain adopted her two young children Douglas and Andrew. He and Carol then had a daughter named Sidney.... In April 1979, McCain met Cindy Lou Hensley, a teacher from Phoenix, Arizona, whose father had founded a large beer distributorship. They began dating, and he urged his wife Carol to grant him a divorce, which she did in February 1980, with the uncontested divorce taking effect in April 1980.

Meghan McCain would not exist if her father—the one who taught her never to lie or cheat—didn't cheat on his first wife with the woman who would be one day be Meghan's mother. That makes Meghan McCain the byproduct of an adulterous affair—the somewhat dense and seemingly hypocritical byproduct of an adulterous affair. Now I haven't read Meghan's new book yet—I'll get to right it after finish Fifty Shades of Grey (which is to say never)—so it's possible that she explains what makes the lying and cheating her parents engaged in different and somehow less deplorable than the "black and white" lying and cheating that Bill Clinton engaged in. But I suspect that Meghan doesn't go there.

Because adultery, like all the deadly sins, IOIYAR.