UPDATE: The three-member board voted this morning to reject Seattle's petition to extend liquor service hours past 2:00 a.m. by two-to-one. This is terribly expected news. More to come.

Original post below.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Slog silence to bring you the breathlessly underwhelming news that a government meeting is in progress.

But not just any government meeting, a Washington State Liquor Control Board meeting. The meeting during which we will finally find out whether the WSLCB has decided to approve Seattle's request to let individual cities petition the state for later bar hours.

I'm tap dancing on pins and needles, you guys! Call the coast guard, I've peed my pants!

The WSLCB meeting starts now and is being broadcast on TVW, but liquor officials say the late-night-boozy part of the agenda probably won't be addressed until just before 11:00 a.m. You can join me in watching the fun (and staring at the back of James Keblas's head) over here. And I'll update the post once a decision has been reached.

As I wrote in April, if this proposal dies, it dies because of opposition from statewide law enforcement agencies.