We interrupt this Slog silence (again) to tell you: Tim Eyman's 2/3 majority requirement for raising new state revenue is unconstitutional, according to King County Superior Court Judge Bruce E. Heller.

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More soon. Meantime, for all the lawyers and amateur lawyers out there, relevant documents here and here.

This case, by the way, is destined for the Washington State Supreme Court, and Attorney General Rob McKenna's office has indicated it will help get it there by immediately appealing.

State Rep. Jamie Pedersen (D-43), who helped bring the lawsuit, says via e-mail:

I am thrilled that the court reached the merits of this question and recognized that Tim Eyman’s initiatives requiring supermajority votes to raise revenue are unconstitutional and are hampering our ability to fund public schools. I feel hopeful that the Supreme Court—fresh off of its decision that the legislature is failing to fund education adequately—will give us back the tools to do so.

And Eyman himself says, in an e-mail to supporters:

King County judge throws gasoline on the fire for Son of 1053.