Kansas Pastor Who Called on Government to Kill Gays and Lesbians Stands By His Remarks


My gaydar went off when I was watching that.
@1 Totally agree.
So he thinks saying "oh but they have nothing to fear from me" changes anything. He preaches hate but then salvation if only they would change their evil ways (and equates gays with pedofiles, incest and polygamy).

And of course, his beliefs from the Bible, should be the law of the land.

Good luck with that.
Truly, a larger sack of shit cannot be found in all the land! At least for today, anyway.
Oh I remember it well...

Dan seething with gay rage...green skin all a flame with unnatural passions. He points his perfectly manicured fingers at the cowering children, some of whom are trying to claw at the locks on the doors of the auditorium. Despite their anguished calls for him to stop, Dan continues to spew his hatred and intolerance of Christians/Biblical awesomeness/America and freedom...not to mention a tormenting dose of kitten hate!!!

Oh the hetero-christian-humanity of it all!!! *sob*
@3 It's when he's talking with his hands and rolls his eyes.
I wonder if he'll ever understand in even the tiniest fractional way the scope of the unearned WASP male privilege that lets him say shit like this.

No, of course he won't. He thinks it's all God's plan.

Religion is psychopathic.
Also, I reiterate that there is nothing cliche or hyperbolic in drawing Nazi comparisons to a guy who is literally, unapologetically calling for state-sponsored genocide.
You know, if he killed himself he wouldn't have this problem anymore.
Crackerz gonna crack.

We're gonna see a lot more of this over the next few years as institutionalized discrimination is dismantled. It's like a nuclear plant with a failed cooling system—pumps blow out, seals burst, and all kinds of toxic muck leaks out into the environment.
Christians that want to live a moral life would get better use from the majority of their holy book's pages as toilet paper.

Because this pastor is right. Using the Bible as a guidebook for behavior written by God makes men into murderers, and all women into slaves. The God of the Bible demands that you be, what most modern Christians would describe as evil.

I propose a rewrite of the Christian holy texts. It's been done many times before. Keep the bits of the Torah about charity and sustainable living, and the bits of the Bible where Jesus heals the sick, and attacks greedy bankers. Then add a few new books starring Gandhi, Alexander Fleming, and Martin Luther King. As written, the current holy texts will only lend legitimacy to monsters.
Judging by his church's location, and that only one person has joined their facebook page (as of yesterday), I think this guy's "church" is more like a "basement."

I am not sure he really has much of a congregation, but please let me know if the video has any info in it that proves me wrong, as I can not watch it at work.
@11 And then you get the zombies...gay hating/fearing zombies.
@1 .. yep mine went off too like firecrackers!
True, @14. But unlike a nuclear disaster, and like most other civil-rights watersheds, a decade after equality is substantially achieved, 95% of Americans will wonder what all the fuss was about.

What do you think the Roman Catholic Church is? A bunch of straight guys in dresses and hilarious hats telling everybody else how to fuck? That right there is proof that the gays should not start (another) religion. It's a corrupting influence, all that power.
@17 I'm just going to reiterate something I probably read here. The Catholic Church so rabidly opposes acceptance of same-sex marriage because they know full well that their recruitment of men to take vows of celibacy is incredibly dependent on the existence of self-hating closet cases. Allowing gay men to know that they can have normal, white-picket-fence married lives would decimate their priesthood.
@16 rob! if you check back in here:
Just saw your comments from yesterday. Thanks for the info on the wind map. My kids loved it.
Thanks for letting me know, Allyn. That wind map really helps me plan my free time, much more than standard weather forecasts of precip or temperature. I'm in a very dry area between mountain ranges, and imminent winds/directions determine what I can get done outside without having to interrupt tasks or outings.
"We totally want to round people up in concentration camps for their own protection! Honest! It's not to make it easier to target them for extermination or anything!"

Okay, fine. If he gets gay concentration camps, when do I get to put stupid people on the slave bus to MY concentration camps?
Aw, he loves his neighbors to death.
Double down on bigotry. Fuck yeah!
My gaydar also went crazy when watching that, I almost feel sorry for the poor self-hating self-righteous prick. Almost. But not really.
lolz @ 23
This sort of preacher is just doing it for the attention these days. Everyone is media savvy enough to know that a controversial stance on a controversial question will garner attention. Attention equals money. and, it is kansas, after all.
moral of the story:

Real Men don't apologize when they wish their enemies dead.

unlike Danny Pussyboy
Yes, that man really just wants to be filled with Jesus'...um, love. Yeah, that's the ticket.

You too @28.
Brilliant, Dan. Thanks for calling bulls**t on the media response to this.
Sorry Pastor, but if you want the government to start killing people on your orders, you need to run an oil company.
This guy is making my Gaydar go off like crazy! And I don't believe for a second that he hasn't used his finger against a gay person...
@28: Real men don't wish death on anyone they wouldn't personally kill if they could.
Just out of curiosity, how many people have pressed charges against you?
My gaydar's pinging too. This guy wants his luggage lifted real, real bad.
Ah, cognitive dissonance. He says he wants gay people saved, not killed just a few seconds after saying, unambiguously, that the government should kill gay people.

Love the sinner, hate the sin, of course, though sometimes I guess hating the sin requires the murder of the sinner. If that's how he loves the sinner, what does hate look like?
I think we should all show up at his church and stone his fingernail painted, hair-dyed, lipsticked wife. Then we should string up his non-virgin daughter and foul mouthed son. Then we should go out and kill all those pig farmers in that state. If Armour and Oscar Meyer don't go Kosher by the end of June, burn those G_d damned factories to the ground!
"I think they should be put to death....I wish for their salvation, not their death."

Nice contradiction, asshole. You almost had me.
I'm surprised that no one is here defending this jerk. I'm looking at you SeattleBlues.

I recall Righties trying to link Dan Savage to President Obama after the
"Christianist children being persecuted" incident. Why isn't the MSM linking these homophobic Pastors to Romneybot?