Not trying to be overly critical here, but I wish you'd done a bit more homework for your column this week. There actually is a reputable site for straight male "companions," a.k.a. "escorts": it's called Concierge du Monde. I was listed there for almost two years, saw exclusively female clients while I was in grad school, and had an overwhelmingly positive experience. I may be the only straight man to ever see escorting clients both the day before and the day after I took the MCAT. (I did quite well.)

Needless to say, the idea that the market for male escorts is exclusively gay escorts and that all agencies or websites for straight male escorts are "sketchy" is simply wrong. There are a lot of independent, entrepreneurial, and legitimate straight male escorts out there. You just have to take the time to find them.

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My response after the jump...


I checked out Concierge du Monde, SEEK, and there are a grand total of thirteen straight male escorts listed on that site. Thirteen straight male escorts to service the sexual needs of the 3.5 billion women on the planet. By way of comparison: there are thirteen gay male escorts listed on in Phoenix, Arizona, alone; there are more than 500 gay male escorts listed at in New York City. And of the thirteen male escorts listed at Concierge du Monde, SEEK, one of them is... one of them is... one of them is this guy:


Sugar Weasel is based out of Austin, Texas, and is available for domestic and international engagements. Sugar Weasel is an accomplished painter, sculptor and adult entertainer who embraces his silly side. Sugar Weasel is an enigma in his profession as a clown escort. He is wickedly humorous, educated, and quite cultured. Combining his love for the arts, and all things unusual he has created an exceptional form of sensual art. Or as he is so expressively puts it “I guess I’m more fun to ride than a pony.” He is 5'10", fit and upon request will appear as a full white-bodied clown.

Someone's gotta keep Austin weird..

Now it's possible, of course, that the thirteen straight male escorts listed at Concierge du Monde are legit, even (shudder) Sugar Weasel, SEEK, and it's possible that Concierge du Monde isn't one of the "shadowy scam agencies [that] come and go, 'guaranteeing' bookings with female clients to gullible young bucks—in exchange for monthly listing fees." (Escorts are listed for free at Concierge du Monde, according to what I was able to dig up, but only if they're actively participating in the site's forums. Escorts who don't post to the site's forums have to pay $50 a month to be listed on the site.) But the fact that there are only thirteen straight male escorts at Concierge du Monde—thirteen straight male escorts to service all the world's straight women—actually supports the point that Dominick and I were making in this week's column:

When he was working as an escort in New York City, his ads stated that he was available for male or female clients. "Over three years, I went on exactly one call with a female client, an attractive older woman who seemed to be working through some intimacy issues," says Dominick, "and one call with a married couple for a cuckolding scene, which was initiated by the husband. During that same period, I averaged about 5.5 calls per week with men. That gives you a measure of the demand from female clients."

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And no demand from female clients means no escort agencies and no websites [for] straight male escorts.

If there was a lot of demand for straight male escorts, SEEK, there would be a lot of money to be made—and there would be a lot more than thirteen straight male escorts listed at a legit website for straight male escorts.

Sugar Weasel the Clown has his own website. It's worth visiting just to hear his earwormy theme song.