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We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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The Cafe Racer Massacre: Six are dead in Seattle and another remains in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center after a man's shooting rampage began in the Roosevelt neighborhood, continued to First Hill, and ended with the gunman shooting himself in the head in West Seattle. Slog's minute-by minute coverage is here. The family of the man, who says he was mentally ill, say they "could see this coming." Seattle has had as many gun homicides in the first five months of this year as all of last year.

The Mourning After: Friends, family, and neighbors congregated last night outside Cafe Racer to cry, give the finger, and play music. Kelly O has photos of the scene.

You Want Someone to Blame? Dr. Golob lays the responsibility squarely at the feet of conservative politicians and initiatives that have slashed services for the mentally ill in Washington State, with "the many safety nets being left tattered and unmanned." Also, Goldy says you can blame the people who radically oppose gun control.

Why We Love Cafe Racer: The Official Bad Art Museum of Art (OBAMA) and more.

Other Stuff: In case you were wondering...

Political Loss for Seattle: The Washington State Liquor Control Board voted 2-1 against allowing cities to petition for later bar service hours. The two who voted against it used flimsy reasoning, while Board Member Chris Marr lambasted them, saying, "We are not the Liquor Prevention Board, we are the Liquor Control Board."

Praise the Judge: A court in Seattle ruled that Tim Eyman's social-safety-net-slashing initiative that required a two-thirds majority of the legislature to raise any revenue—which is impossible—is unconstitutional. The case appears headed to the state supreme court.

Praise the Plaintiff: The ACLU and Lambda Legal have filed suit to try overturning Illinois's ban on gay marriage.

Praise The Onion: "Shadows Meet The Clouds, Gray On Gray, Like Dusty Charcoal On An Ashen Brow, Nation's Poets Report."