First, in high-fructose corn syrup news:

The United States Food and Drug Administration has rejected a request from the Corn Refiners Association to change the name of high-fructose corn syrup.

The FDA says the term "sugar" can only apply to food "that is solid, dried and crystallized."

Sorry, CRA. You're just going to have to find new ways to put a positive spin on the horrifically negative reputation your product has accrued over the years.

And, in soda news: New York's Mayor Bloomberg wants to "ban the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts."

The sale of any cup or bottle of sweetened drink larger than 16 fluid ounces — about the size of a medium coffee, and smaller than a common soda bottle — would be prohibited under the first-in-the-nation plan, which could take effect as soon as next March.

The ban would not apply to anything with less than 25 calories per each eight ounce serving.