Wisconsin Recall Election Commences: "Enraged Democrats and labor activists gathered more than 900,000 signatures in support of the recall after they failed to stop [Governor Scott] Walker and his GOP allies in the state legislature from stripping most public employees of their union right to collectively bargain." Walker is the first Wisconsin governor to face recall; he'd be the first US governor to defeat a recall if he wins. State elections officials predict a 60 to 65 percent turnout.

Venus in Transit: A rare and beautiful celestial event will be viewable from North America this afternoon and evening. Go here to see when to look up (and don't look right at it!).

Syria to Allow UN Aid Workers: It'll be the first time humanitarian aid workers (other than the Red Cross) are allowed in the country since the uprising began. They'll be stationed in the four hardest-hit cities.

Town Hall's Beautiful Memorial for Gloria Leonidas: See a picture here.

The Paycheck Fairness Act: A key procedural vote in the Senate today on a bill intended to make it easier for women to prove and fight against pay discrimination.

"American women are mad as hell," said Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, the Democrats' chief sponsor of the bill. She said women earn 77 cents to the dollar for their male counterparts, which is up 18 cents since 1963, when President Johnson signed into law the Equal Pay Act.

Europe: Maybe not doing so hot lately.

Local News Roundup: Child porn on the playground! Murder on the peninsula! Planned power outage in the ID! Teen beaten for shoes!

Hannah Montana Now Brought to You by Broccoli: Disney says it will no longer accept junk food ads on its websites, radio stations, or TV channels aimed at children. Michelle Obama rejoices; Big Corn weeps.

The Queen of England: Has a big ol' fuckin' party. (Another reason to wear a fancy hat!)