Kansas woman threatens abortion doctor with a car bomb. Kansas woman is sued in federal court for her threat. Kansas woman counter-sues, claiming that her threat was divinely inspired by God, so our puny human laws shouldn't apply:

Dillard responded with a lawsuit saying the government's suit violates her freedom of speech and religion. Government lawyers have criticized her arguments and asked the court to dismiss her counterclaim. Her attorney asked the court Friday allow her to amend her lawsuit to address "any pleading defects" and support its allegations.

"Angel Dillard believed she was inspired by God to send a letter to Dr. Means in an attempt to convince her not to pursue her plan to abort babies in Wichita," attorney Donald McKinney said. "Angel Dillard wrote the letter quickly, in a matter of minutes, and believed that her message was divinely inspired."

Bonus creepy detail: Dillard has bragged about making friends with Scott Roeder, the anti-abortion activist who fatally shot Dr. George Tiller in 2009 as he was attending church services in Wichita. "With one move, (Roeder) was able ... to accomplish what we had not been able to do," Dillard told AP in an interview at the time. "So he followed his convictions, and I admire that."

Maybe it's God divine presence that's egging me to chug half a bottle Dayquil, reach through the internet and give Angel Dillard a good slap upside the head, and then buy sandals that cost more than my rent.

The God defense, ladies and gentlemen.