May fundraising totals are now out for the campaign trying to overturn a state law allowing same-sex couples to marry. Preserve Marriage Washington's biggest backers thus far are the National Organization for Marriage and a couple living less than two miles from Seattle's fag-lovin' Capitol Hill neighborhood.

NOM, a group expected to pour far, far more into the reject Referendum 74 campaign by November, has given $21,602. That includes a cash contribution of $10,000 and the rest are in-kind donations of services (including e-mail blasts and consulting fees). The other major contribution is $20,000 in cash from Thomas and Mary Matthews, who live in a $2.3 million condo in the Madison Park neighborhood. In all, the anti-gay group has reported 363 contributions to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission, summing up to $116,318.

That's not much—yet. The campaign's local ancillaries have said another million dollars is committed to their campaign, and NOM has suggested there will be several million more flooding the marriage battle by fall.

For now, at least, the other side is winning the fundraising war. The campaign trying to uphold marriage equality, Washington United for Marriage, held a swank gala on Saturday at the Washington State Convention Center raising roughly $150,000, says campaign manager Zach Silk. (A portion of that money will be shared with Equal Rights Washington.) As of last month, the group had raised $1.1 million in 3,242 separate contributions.