It even starred "openly gay actors"! (Their words, not mine.) From the Royal Oak Daily Tribune:

ROYAL OAK — A check for at least $6,500 will be in the mail this week and it could be the first of its kind sent from an Evangelical church to a LGBT suicide-prevention agency called The Trevor Project.

Royal Oak Missionary Church is donating 80 percent of its proceeds from this month’s debut of “Masks,” a play written by its pastor, the Rev. Bill Barnwell of Warren, to tackle issues like compassion towards the gay community, suicide, infidelity, religious faith’s destructive power, and redemption. About 600 people attended three performances of the two-hour play that featured straight and openly gay actors.

Most of the money from ticket and advertising sales will be donated to The Trevor Project, which offers crisis counseling, in part through a 24-hour hotline and an instant-messaging chat service to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

It's always nice to see Christians acting like Christians.