Here's the deal: I haven't washed my office mug in about two years. Goldy thinks it's disgusting and tells me so every day but my take is, I wash my mouth every day (twice!), why the fuck do I need to wash the mug? I'm the only one using it. I only use it to drink coffee, tea, and water. And the only place to wash stuff around here is in the office bathroom. Personally, I think it's more disgusting to drink out of something you clean in a bathroom.

So basically, I'm seasoning it like I would a cast iron pot. It makes regular ol' water taste great!

My own personal watering hole.
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But Goldy says my mug should be declared a superfund site. "You could mine your mug scum for valuable rare earth elements," he tells me. So I ask you, Sloggers: Is Goldy right? If you decree it so, I promise to seriously consider washing my mug.